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It was our second “Christmas” when

I saw a problem with this day/date.

Was Christ born in December, or?

“Assigned it” by some sly fate?


Have men wanted us to believe

This date for nefarious reasons?

Does it coincide too nicely with

Fallen man’s ungodly seasons?


At age nineteen I knew He was born,

Had not the slightest doubt in my heart.

My question was ‘bout the day/date

Now, I’ve more reason to doubt a “chart.”


I couldn’t prove it was NOT this day,

Back then or, for that matter, now.

It had to be some day of the year –

Which? To prove it I knew not how.


2016 “Christmas Poem” (part 2)

If one insists on a date in fall

And searches enough t’ill be found,

Someone bad is tied to the new date;

Earth’s filled with satan’s sight and sound.


Like it? I don’t. Disprove it? I can’t.

Friend, I don’t worship date or day;

I worship the Christ who came to earth

To take sins (yours and mine) away.


Do I then include all satan’s myths?

No. Nor should you, heaven-bound friend.

Sub-ject to Him family “tradition,”

Keep what glorifies Christ, in the end.


Please do not LIVE for “christmas colors”

Nor greenery, lights, bows, and such.

Live for the Bethlehem Savior EACH day.

He’s much more than a date/day. Much!

– eab, 12/11/16

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*Past Poems Celebrating the Birth of Christ*


It’s Christmas, as we call it, on this earth.                                                     

Though we don’t know the month of Your grand birth.                   

Much too commercial, Lord, Your day’s been made.                     

Although the shops are all amuck with trade,                                 

We’re glad You get some credit ‘mongst the mirth.                       


It’s like Your birth time, Lord, with all the tax,                   

The crooked politicians get the max.                                              

The governments of men have changed not much,       

For even Christmas has its greedy clutch.                     

We need another Baptist-swinging ax. [1]                                        


Though Romans were corrupt and Israel too,

You left a perfect heaven, for this zoo.

Man’s dirty wash You had to then all see,

You felt the biting tongue of Pharisee.

Yet cleansed the temple of baa-baa, moo-moo.


You’re going to come to earth again some year,

And when You come You’ll end all of man’s fear,

We’re near to “as it was” in Noah’s day,

Near Sodom and Gomorrah’s sad decay;

We have so little of revival’s tear.


We need, O Lord, the wisdom of Your voice,

To hear beyond earth’s blackening, by choice.

Protect from antichrists and their bad mark,

Please give our praying-places back their spark.


You came, O Christ!   You made us to rejoice!

– eab, Dec, 2010

[1] Matthew 3.1 & 10

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Mar 4. 33

“And with many such parables spake he the word unto them, as they were able to hear it.”

>> note the qualifying statement at the end. <<

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Samuel Green quote

“…Seize the one truth which the parable is intended to set forth…and let the parts of the parable that are explained be explained in harmony with this one truth.”

- Samuel  Green, from his HANDBOOK

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WHY woman, Why?

Why does a woman (I did not write lady) want to show part of her breasts? Are her eyes not attractive? Is her face not honest? (A face does not have pretty to be honest, to know how to blush.) Why does a woman lower herself to such immodesty? More flesh is showing in public than a few decades past. Please make yourself answer the first question. There is probably an answer – – – and it is not a good one.

– eab, 12/21/16

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God gave, and gave, and still He gives.

(I’d guess you’ve wondered why!).

He gave Himself in Eden’s glen,

He gave His Son, Who died for men,

(His death sin’s debt did satisfy.)

His Holy Guest came to us then.       

– eab, ‘74

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Degrading hollywood is like a permanent Halloween.

The “H,” double “L,” and “W” are just the begins of comparison. Evil hollywood and evil halloween are heavy into costumes; people appear to be what they really aren’t. They’re both into huge degrees of make-up or masks, hiding real faces behind fakery. As halloween is known for “trick or treat,” hollywood is perpetually tricking the public but alas, calling their tricks “treats.” Gladly halloween (though one of satan’s biggest nights) is only one night. Sadly hollywood with all its nastiness, has a geographical location and a grip on modernity.

Run from deceptive depravity.

– eab, 12/21/16  

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