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Stand therefore

Eph 6. 13 – 14a

“Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

“Stand therefore…”

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Samuel Green quote

“When the allegory is written in the style of History, and is confined to occurrences that may have taken place, it is called a PARABLE.”

– Samuel  Green, from his HANDBOOK

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Stop “teaching”

If you are standing in the front of a classroom (supposedly “teaching”) and you’re always right – – – and the pupil is always wrong – Leave. Go be a lumber-jack, a short-order cook, etc. A good teacher will at times admit he was wrong. At other times he should honestly say, “I do not know.” The best teachers are themselves on a quest for truth.

– eab, 12/27/16

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Search the library


Search the library high, in the attic, by the sky

Search the library low, in basement or below

Search in the Great Literature section

In great histories or another connection

And you will fail to find

Anything as lovely, anything so divine

As the Good Book (by comparisons all others are bad).

– eab, Dec. 2012

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“You’re too serious about heaven/hell.”

It is very doubtful that has been said in either place.

– eab, 9/19/14

Some people have gone on a long vacation, a trip to Europe, or a cruise and later said, “It was not worth it.”

Not one soul in heaven has ever said, “It was not worth it.”

– eab, 9/20/14

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