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Luk 14. 26

“If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.”

> > Our love for Christ MUST exceed any/all other affections. < <

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“Following Christ is a hard task.

It is a warfare.”

– Wilfred Grenfell, MD, from his WHAT CHRIST MEANS TO ME

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scholars or saints

A fair number of men are seen by their fellows as “Biblical scholars.” Heaven knows the exact number of men who are saints. (These figures, with little doubt, do not match.) Some of the most saintly men are deeper thinkers than the world knows (or is willing to admit).

– eab, 12/31/16

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Ah, tomorrow, liberation!

Good bye books, work, and mates.

Hello home, sweet destination;

Inner-springs and china plates.


So long sand flies and mosquitoes.

See you later, palms and pines.

Adios, muchos amigos.

Hello, big cities and coal mines.


Glad to leave the Sunshine State?

It’s vacation time? I see.

Look for you in sixty – eight,

Back at good ole H. S. B. C.


Make this your vacation reason;

To make this a Sacred Season.       

– eab, Dec. ‘67

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corrupt cultures

There’s been a purposeful push by corrupt cultures

to make girls into “boys” and boys into “girls.” Dad, do all in your power to teach (& show by example) your son how to walk, dress, work, sit/stand, and think/talk like a man. Mom, do all you can to teach (& show by example) your daughter how to walk, dress, work, sit/stand, and think/talk like a lady. (Grandma/grandpa if you don’t agree stay out of the way – said kindly, but firmly.) These are not easy jobs; they’ll not happen automatically. A manly man is attractive to a lady and a true lady is attractive to a man.

Ask God to help you – men and women ARE His natural divisions.

– eab, 12/30/16

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