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Rev 22. 20

“He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly.

Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”

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“When small men cast long shadows

the sun is about to set.”

– Paul Harvey, heard 90/04/07

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“Good Morning!” 🙂 “What’s good about it?” 😦  Do you really want to know? 1.) You are alive – someone could be right now making your funeral arrangements. 2.) You were able to hear me say this (able to read this) – you could be deaf and needing to learn sign-language (or you could be unable to read and needing to learn that). 3.) You were able to verbally respond – you could have been mute from birth or have had your voice box removed. Sooooo – shall we try this again? “Good Morning!” 🙂

– eab, 1/2/17

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Deserve Heaven ?


If you think you deserve heaven? You don’t.

If you think you’ll make on your own? You won’t.

No one goes above

Who’s not filled with perfect love.

– eab, 1/2/16

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Pastor – you are your own pastor.

Accept that. Do not chafe under it. You’ll be tempted to look to a denominational leader, a former college prof, or an author to be your “pastor.” Some denominational leaders/prof/author may give good advice – others have advice that’s not so great. As God has directed you to pastor, He can direct you HOW to be your own pastor. One of the best places to hear His voice is in your “closet” i.e. place of private devotions. Learn there to distinguish His voice from the voices of modernity around you. Learn there to worship Him. Learn there to listen to His details. As you grow, as your own pastor, you will most probably grow as a better pastor to your congregation.

Happy Pastoring.

– eab, 1/2/17


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