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Pro 23. 12

Pro 23. 12

“Apply thine heart unto instruction, and thine ears to the words of knowledge.”

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“I never knew happiness till I found Christ as a Savior.

Read the Bible; read the Bible.”

– Wm. Wilberforce – possibly the greatest statesman of his day – quoted by Gilchrist Lawson

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Scripture Rev 6.13 “…stars of heaven fell unto the earth even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs…” Modern “science” says stars are many times the size of earth – therefore, according to the gods (“saturn” “mercury” “apollo” etc. are all pagan gods*) of “science” this could not happen. Which will YOU believe? Your belief may spell you eternally destiny! * “Space vehicles” could have been named “Saul” “Matthew” “Andrew” but no, they were named after false gods.

– eab, July 2015

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This is God’s elevated, holy day.

He gave us six to work, buy, sell, and play,

He gave us six days to work our small plan,

Give Him His – don’t be greedy, little man.


Step aside from commerce, step aside – pray.

Worship God, the Biblical, unique way.

Let businesses feel our conscientious ban,

Give God glory from “Beersheba to Dan.”


Give God “the first” and emphatically say,

You may have all my days, You may, You may.

On His day I’ll slow down, as best I can,

I’ll walk – not run, as I usually ran.

– eab, 2007

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One of satan’s biggest (and most often told) lies

is that Reel life (movies etc.) is Real life. NOT! Once this is accepted he’s able to sow seeds of unholy discontentment about your car, your house, your God-ordained mate, life in general. And – to think – you paid good money to see such lies and thus subject yourselves to this false “picture.” How foolish. Kick hollywood out of your home and your heart.

(To God be the glory, we have never owned a TV nor rented one.)

– eab, 1/3/17

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