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Love one another

Joh 13. 35

“By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”

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“…There is nothing that makes us love a man as much as

praying for him…”

– William Law, from his A SERIOUS CALL TO A DEVOUT & HOLY LIFE

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Belief is within the grasp of every rational soul. To refuse to believe is also in their grasp. “But I don’t understand faith.” Do you understand electricity? Have you refused to use electricity because you did not “understand” it? Belief, Friend is not a head thing – belief is a heart thing.

– eab, 1/7/17

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No illustrative object, no term or single word

Can describe God, the very idea is absurd.

Yet the mind strives, the soul wants to understand

The Illustrious, Limitless Maker of woman and man.

If He were One, one might (though he should not)

Carve some “likeness” in matter that will not rot

However all matter on this His big footstool

Disintegrates after the artist takes away his tool.

But He is Three. Magnificent. They are One

The Father, the Holy Spirit, the heavenly/earthly Son.

Though no word/term this Threeness can describe

Threes abound, threes surround; they are a tribe.

A room has three dimensions or frankly, its not a room.

It’s also seen in the smallest thing made on a loom

Matter can exist as gas, liquid, solid “as a brick.”

Or have a consistency of thickest, thicker, or thick

And time gets as mysterious as anything man knows,

Yet it also has threeness: past, present, future – on it flows

But every threeness is a tease; none adequate for Infinity.

It’s impossible to describe The Wonderful, Majestic Trinity.

– eab, 12/29/16

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You’re a girl raised in a home which honors the King James Bible.

You’ve seen the young man who may want to marry you carry a lesser “translation” to worship service? “Oh, that doesn’t matter – – – does it?” You should discuss this. He may be ignorant of the Supreme value of your Bible and become a reader of the KJB. Or his response may be “honey, you read your version and I’ll read mine.” If a marriage comes and children come, what Bible will be the anchor of your home? Children can become confused if Daddy read “x” and you read the Classic KJB. If you homeschool those precious children they deserve to read and memorize from the greatest Bible in the English language, not some substitute. It has a beauty and cadence, a poetic symmetry like no other. (Men read this in reverse, please.)

– eab, 1/9/17

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