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Mat 26. 52

“Then said Jesus unto him, ‘Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.’”

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William Law quote

“Prayer is the nearest approach to God and the highest enjoyment of him

that we are capable of in this life.”

– William Law, from his A SERIOUS CALL TO A DEVOUT & HOLY LIFE

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Advice: if you are looking for it from yourself, you’re very limited. Advice from your fellowman is also limited. If you tap into “social media” the number of articles popping up on “x” or “z” seems unlimited but it really does have a limit. But – – – when you and I turn to Christ, His counsel is an unlimited source of Holy Wisdom. Become a child of God today and He will be your constant Advisor.

– eab, 12/20/16

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Darwin and his icky little tribe

Have tried man as an animal to describe.

Their narrow views – as imaginative as they “be”

(“Slime” becomes “fish” then crawls out of the sea)

Adamantly opposed the Holy Trinity above,

Are filled with dire hate – The Trinity with fresh love.

Evolution is wrong, wrong as hell is hot.

“They’re neutral ‘bout God.” Oh.  No. They’re not!


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The Bible’s first Book shows a problem with images

and prophets warned Israel about images. Such were made of metal, stone, wood. Many modern images are made of paper, film, electronic “wizardry.” The last Book of the Bible refers at least 10 times to an image(s) associated with antichrist. Don’t take it for granted this is of solid material. It may involve film, electronic image or hologram. If you’re addicted to hollywood imagery it seems you’re more likely to be deceived by whatever falseness the antichrist & his geeks) can foist on you. Christ is the Word – come to Him.

Wean from your life all obsessions with images.

– eab, 12/31/16

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