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The Holy Trinity

Joh 1.33

“… He [Father] that sent me to baptize with water, the same said unto me, ‘Upon whom thou shalt see the Spirit descending, and remaining on him, the same is He [Son] which baptizeth with the Holy Ghost.’” [3rd Person of Godhead]                       

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C S Lewis quote


“The union between the Father and the Son is such a live concrete thing that this union itself is also a Person…What grows out of the joint life of the Father and Son is a real Person is in fact the Third of the three Persons who are God…this spirit of love is from all eternity a love going on between the Father and Son.”

– C S Lewis, from his Beyond Personality

>> “You may want to chew on this.” <<

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Where does the “airy heaven” (envelope of air above us) begin? A mile up? ½ mile up? It begins at our feet – we walk the very start, the lowest “edge of heaven.” And, this is true spiritually. Heaven begins here or nowhere. (Wonderful truth – it can begin Here and Now for you, Friend, Today.)

– eab, 11/14/14


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Elijah went up in a chariot of fire.

He left his country of sickness and mire,

Going where no priest or prophet is “for hire,”

Going where white robes are the saint’s attire.

God, give us more of Elijah’s strong fire!

– eab, 1/14/07

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A “home-made” gift is the best.

It is highly appreciated from those we love – it’s a little of “them” (their talent, their time, and their thinking about us) are included in the gift. God’s “heaven-made” Gift was wonderful. He did not include a little of Himself – He sent His very Son (“…he that hath seen me hath seen the Father…” Joh 14.9).

God’s masterful “talent,” His “time” and His “thinking about us” are far above us – far beyond our comprehension, but are so appreciated. Thank. You.  Lord.

-eab, 1/11/17

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