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2Pe 3. 2

“That ye may be mindful of the words which were spoken before by the holy prophets, and of the commandment of us the apostles of the Lord and Savior:”

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“…this is the proper office of an apostle, to set forth the glory and benefit of Christ.”

– Martin Luther, from his COMMENTARY ON GALATIANS

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Parental approval

A child wants his parent’s approval. Somewhere in youth the desire for their praise may wane but with some children it returns as they mature. That act upon which Dad/Mom frown some children won’t do or if they do, they’ll hide it. That deed about which the parent is silent (or even condones) may get done openly. Parents – this is a huge responsibility. You should not oppose “x” merely because your parents or some minister did (if you’ve done this, apologize). But if “x” is condemned in God’s Word keep your stand. Do it with sweetness but never forsake God’s clear teachings, even if children succumb to this permissive age.

– eab, 1/22/17

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The world has its carnival, circus, and fair,

And, sadly, many church folk go out there,

Or, worse, try to bring these in here.

Where, oh, where is our Godly fear?

– eab, Jan. 2017


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It takes time/effort/money to arrange simple “props”

sit in the “scene” and make a you tube. Whether the video is educational, inspirational or “entertaining” the maker has a goal. He wants to get a message across. Multiple the time, increase efforts, throw in more money, use tangible or “film props” and you have a hollywood or christian “movie.” The movie maker wants you to get his message. “Super-size” the above and a movie may rake in huge profits – gullible men think profit is their goal. Reality Check. Many times the film maker/actors are filthy rich – they don’t need money. Why a new film? Why a sequence to an old film? The writer/producer has a message he wants believed. He has an agenda. To not admit this is ignorance. Stop admiring actors. Stop imagining yourself a “critic” on Who did great acting or not.

Wake up! Someone is changing America. Movies are a part of this.

– eab, 1/22/17

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