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Heb 13. 5

“Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.”

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“….fleshly lusts assail a man most of all in his youth; in his middle age, ambition and vainglory; and in old age, covetousness…”

– Martin Luther, from Commentary on Galatians

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The “church” and the “world” appear at times and in some locales, to be walking hand-n-hand. Beware, friend, beware. This is not the true church but some wannabes (“…many…will seek to enter in…” Luk 13.24) i.e. false “christians.” Nor, in a sense, is this the true world. The world will someday show its real hatred for God and will be very put-out with fake Christians.

– eab, 1/27/17

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Strive to be righteous in head and heart

(Ready earth to soon gladly depart)

Never give up precious light.

But “I’m right” pride firmly resist

Don’t let a “you’re wrong huff” persist.

(Competitiveness can cause a fight. 😦  )

– eab, 1/26-27/17

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God made one institution FIRST.

It was not a state. It was not a school. It was not a church. It was the home: one man, one wife for life. This is why satan hates the home – it’s God’s prime organization. The devil and dirty courts have been destroying homes. Too many ministers have grown silent on one of the west’s great sins. They deceived themselves into thinking they are “compassionate.” To preach “high theological themes” and ignore the God-ordained truths protecting His first institution (the home) is to NOT “declare…all the counsel of God” (Act 20.27).

– eab, 1/22/17


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