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Gal 5. 25 – 26

“If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.

“Let us not be desirous of vain glory, provoking one another, envying one another.”

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A W Tozer quote

“We are not diplomats but prophets and our message is not a compromise but an ultimatum.”

– A W Tozer, quoted in The Berean Call (June 2007)

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Father and FATHER

A child sees his dad as a can-do-anything-man. The child brags about dad’s strength, his knowledge, his car/truck, etc. As we mature we “learn better” and our hero diminishes. (That’s a rather sad day for dad.) Christ so appropriately calls us to be as “little children.” He perfectly knew we need to keep “our-God-can-do-anything” mentality. It’s a sad day for God, no, it’s a super sad day for silly man when he thinks he “learned better” and replaces the Father with a far, far inferior and stupidly temporary god.

– eab, 2/15/17

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“Details Aren’t Important”

Tell that to the disappointed lad

Who just failed his learning driver’s test.

Tell that to yon faithful high-up dad

Shingling his house’s topmost ridge crest.


Tell that to bakers making a cake,

Or chemist team in their special lab,

Or engineers creating a lake,

Or the Pontchartrain man seeking crab.


Tell pilots wanting to safely land

Or mechanics working on your car.

Tell the surgeon fixing your right hand

Or lawyers at legal defense bar.


We know details are important in life

Don’t “buy” satan’s lie about your soul

If you want heav’n (not that pit of strife)

Obey God’s details. Make Him your High Goal.

– eab, 2/16/17

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My parents subscribed to the National Geographic

while I was a child. (A family pic shows me sitting with that magazine in the wood box with our dog, Jack, “reading” him a “tory.”) In those I saw aboriginal peoples in various stages of nudity, hair fixed in “unusual” ways and gaudy with “jewelry.” Similar scenes are HERE today. Do not imagine this progress. Do not imagine the paganisation of the “western” world is by accident. No. A cadre of degraded men have sought the downfall of America and are using the carnal desires of sinful men to bring this horrifying moral decline.

– eab, 2/16/17

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