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Luk 10. 18

“And he [Christ] said unto them, ‘I beheld satan as lightning fall from heaven.’”

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“…The people were allowed to applaud their orators as had been practiced in the forums and theatres; nay they were instructed both to applaud and clap the preachers.”

– Johann Lorenz von Mosheim (1693 – 1755) fr. his An Ecclesiastical History

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God came to earth

Only one Being came to earth voluntarily: God. God the Father, Creator came to the garden. God the Son, Redeemer came headed (sadly) to His cross and God the Spirit, Comforter came at Pentecost. Humans did not volunteer to come (our parents did that for us 🙂 ) and it’s for sure satan did come by choice – he was forced (Luk 10.18) to earth. (Earth is a stop for satan’s on his way to damnation.) Thank You, Triune God, for voluntarily coming to us and arranging that we can come to you, through Christ.

– eab, 2/17/17

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Now vs. Later

I’ve enjoyed seeing mountains stacked

Blue-gray ridge upon gray blue,

And I’ve enjoyed oak river canyons

As I’ve meandered them through.

I’ve enjoyed seeing sequoias

Standing in their regal height,

And enjoyed Atlantic’s splashings

Morning and noon and at night.

I’ve enjoyed the hues of Autumn

Brushed on big tree or short shrub,

And enjoyed the sight of blossoms:

Fringed petals and spiked heart-hub

I’ve enjoyed the wild of deserts

With clumped grasses scattered through.

And I’ve enjoyed lakes a blue-green

And smaller ponds, greenish-blue.


If an earth I know is tainted,

Tarnished in spots by the fall,

A place that’s one big graveyard past,

Present, future for us all.

Can still hold islands attractive

Some common and others rare

Can most pleasantly surprise us

Round the next bend, over there

Can presently please the sight sense

On the ground, in air, afloat

Can thrill with size, shape, and texture,

Terrain both close and remote.

Can gladden the eye by colors

(Colors have wonderful “call.”)

And gladden the mind rememb’ring

Winter, spring, summer, and fall.


Surely the next world for the saint

Is glorious beyond sense.

Beauty behind heaven’s tall wall,

Now hidden by our time-fence.

The Beauty which I try to write

Is the least attraction there.

For Christ, the Spirit, and Father

– Trinity beyond compare –

Will permeate the atmosphere,

Glowing, radiate the place,

So brightened no sun is needed

But Their Holy Handsome Face.

Lord, help my unworthiness, bound

By flesh – bound in a bone “fence”

To enjoy earth but O, up there

“Enjoy God” in e-v-e-r-y sense.

– eab, 2/17/15        

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Adore Christ Alone

If you know me (or read my posts much)

you sense how I fully agree with modesty, separation from the world, and proper deportment. Having reminded you, there is a real danger in substituting behavior, however proper, for the living presence of Christ. Do YOU have times in secret (just you & God) when you adore Him? Do YOU have night sessions of praising Him? Does heaven seem close or have YOU known better days in your soul? Please keep your lines of demarcation from a nasty world – but separation can be superficial.

Grow to (or get back to) times of private worship, times of the pure enjoyment of His presence.


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