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Luk 10. 43

Luk 10. 43

“For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit;

neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.”


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Truman Wise quote

Speaking of his demise said,

“I expect to change worlds but I’m not going to change crowds.”

– Truman Wise, (eab is uncertain of source)

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Christ said, “A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit” (Mat 7.18). In ‘67 I went to HSBC to teach literature. God helped me realize I couldn’t read all an author’s books but could see into his soul via biography. If he womanized, was a sodomite, had signs of degeneracy, committed suicide, my students would know when he lived, a work or two, but didn’t study his works; Good tree/Good fruit vs. bad tree/bad fruit. Do not publish memes or quotes by a debauchee. Religious quotes? They can sound good. With internet it’s easy to check a bio. Was he christian who moved left to the catholic system, G K Chesterton for example? Please don’t reject Christ’s lines.

– eab, 2/19/17

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Just a few more hours to labor,

Just a little while to toil,

And tomorrow we’ll be gathered around the throne.

The whole harvest now is ready,

Even now it starts to spoil;

Gather sheaves for Him,

O, gather what was sown.

– eab, Feb. ’80

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Preach Christ

“In the original” can sound authoritative and scholarly,

perhaps those are reasons it’s said at times. (I hereby admit my guilt in using similar words in the past.) Jesus, nor Luke, nor Paul, Peter, James, John, Jude used this term. If any Being KNEW what the original autographs said Jesus did, but He was not inclined to use these words. Friend, let’s not try to impress congregations with what we know. It’s more important that they know God loves them, that heaven and hell are as real as the sun o’er head, that sin will not enter heaven, that holiness is available, and

“without [holiness] no man shall see the Lord” (Heb 12.14).

– eab, 2/18/17

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