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Praise God

Rev 19. 5

“And a voice came out of the throne, saying, ‘Praise our God, all ye his servants, and ye that fear him, both small and great.’”

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“We are immortal till our work is done.

– George Whitfield (not sure which sermon or letter)

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God is worthy of Praise but are we stingy praising Him? “Well, I praise Him every Lord’s Day AM. And I praise Him over my meals three times a day! What more does He want?” See. We’re stingy. It seems Peter was willing (to try at least) to forgive seven times. Jesus stretched his imagination with His multiplication. Maybe we’re a little like Peter; he was stingy with forgiveness; we’re withholding the many praises which are due our Wonderful Redeemer.

– eab, 2/20/17

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Rahab’s “business” (carnal delight)

Changed with the spies’ visit that night.

She let them down the city wall,

(Stone-upon-stone, about to fall).

Rahab was walking in her light.

– eab, 2/20/11



Wife Michal loved her famous man;

Informed him and away he ran.

She out a window let him down,

So he could escape her dad, the “crown.”

Soon David wore the crown of the clan.

– eab, 2/20/11



Disciples let the “Apostle Paul”

Down the outside of city wall.

(Was he the first “basket case”?)

Saving his life, winning the chase,

He hastened on, fulfilling God’s call.

– eab, 2/20/11




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My wife is my Tennessee sweetheart.

It was from her family I heard this expression; some one who’s been at your home is leaving. In the midst of “good-bys” they say, “Come, go home with me.” They may live in a mansion compared to your cottage but they’ve enjoyed your home, loved the meal (Was it crispy-fried chicken, fluffy mashed “taters” and scrumptious gravy?) and they like you. In fact they enjoyed the time together so much they don’t want it to end. Believer, as we obey the Father He’s in our home, with us as we enjoy spiritual food, and wants to extend His time with us forever.

Oh, I want to go with the Father, as life winds down, and He says, “Come, go home with Me.”

– 2/20/17

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