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satan lies

Joh 8. 44c

“…When he [ satan] speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”


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“…Whatever both philosophers and poets [pagan] have said concerning the immortality of the soul…punishments after death…doctrines of like kind they have received such…from the prophets…as have enabled them to understand and interpret these things…

– Justin Martyr, from his First Apology

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Not many funeral preachers, thank the Lord, have been crude enough to inform an audience that the deceased is in hell. However, too many ministers have “preached X into heaven.” You, preacher brother, may have known X all-your-life and “know” that he/she is with Jesus. Here’s hoping you’re right for their sake. Here’s hoping you’re right for your sake, since you made a strong assertion. The family, with little doubt, knows more about X than you do, and your statement may actually hurt the cause of God with them.

– eab, 2/18/17

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The politically left-leaning crowd,

Is sinfully, smugly proud,

Of the corner they think they hold on sex.

They revel in sexual pleasures,

Purposely transgressing standard measures,

(Claiming the “concave” is “convex.”)

The left down-dreading crowd,

Ignores sexual-disease’s shroud,

With full chambers, playing roulette.

But thinking all along,

They invented sex’s simple song,

Promiscuity, they do not regret;

Unmindful that the God-they-love-to-hate,

Is/was never at loss, nor late,

He – God invented female and male.

God did man a joy provide,

An opposite-sex wife at his side,

“Married sex” makes others pale.

– eab, 2/23/09

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My readers are of average intelligence+.  

A percentage are former pupils/parishioners – I have an idea of your mind.  These sentences mean you’re capable of seeing both sides of issues.  I’m glad you’re gifted. But has it occurred to you that my post may help a soul – they are attempts at ministry – even if you disagree? Seriously?  Your forceful disagreement may salve a conscience that should be pricked!  Your decision to act in certain ways, attend certain “events” etc. doesn’t mean they’re right for even you – NOR right for a soul whole-heartedly seeking to do please God. 

Please think twice before reacting negatively. Thank you.

– eab, 2/23/17

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