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1Jo 4. 1

“Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”

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V O Agan quote

“You can tell a false prophet not so much by what he preaches as by what he doesn’t preach.”

– V O Agan, (uncertain date/location)


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There’s not a person in catholicism I hate. Souls in catholicism are to be pitied, befriended, and lead to Jesus. Catholicism is seen by some as a “denomination.” No. There are evangelical groups which (without approving) I accept as christian denominations because they place the Bible uppermost. The roman system doesn’t hold the Bible high – in fact, the Bible is its worst enemy. “Christianity Today” (Mar.’17) said, “I simply taught, preached, wrote God’s Word; otherwise I did nothing…the Word so greatly weakened the papacy that never prince or emperor did such damage to it. I did nothing, the Word did it all.” – Luther.

– eab, 3/3/17

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There was a rich man who ate well;

All his purple garments were “swell,”

Then came his death day

Plush things all passed away.

Poor man, he made his bed in hell. Luk 16.22

– eab, 3/3/05

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Is too much to presume you’ve eaten at a café/restaurant

where the food was so-so but the scene/setting was great? Or you’ve eaten where the setting was OK but the chef “knew his stuff.” A church is similar to a restaurant: a pastor should “know his stuff” i.e. be a reader/memorizer of the Word and put “food on the table” (possible only as HE is growing deeper in Christ). The setting/atmosphere for the “restaurant” is the congregation. People may return if a pastor is so-so but the atmosphere i.e. people have spiritual warmth. Or they may come again if the chef/pastor gives food i.e. spiritual challenge though the people aren’t warm. If you’re a pastor BE a good cook. If you’re not the pastor pray before coming to service, be attentive during service and friendly after service.

Pastor and people, with God’s help, can make a great “restaurant.”

– eab, 3/3/17

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