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A Great Promise

Gen 8. 22

“While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”

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“Consistent living on the part of God’s people

is the condition to obtaining the answer to prayer.”

– T M Anderson, from his Prayer Availeth Much

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Don’t try to be more “devout” or “scholarly” than the Bible. Some on social media are using names for Jesus which they see as more “proper.” Messiah is a Biblical title; however it is only found twice in the NT, both in John. Immanuel is Biblical, occurring only in Mat 1.23. By contrast “Jesus Christ” occurs over 140 times, “Christ Jesus” over 55 times, and “Jesus” and “Christ” happen many times separately.

– eab, 3/2/15

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A wife Adam had named “Miss” Eve,

She came from a spot near his “sleeve.”

Though to be a help-mate

She, then he, soon ate

They ate ‘cause they didn’t believe. Gen 3.6

– eab, March   2005

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Natural sports

* There are man-made sports and there are natural sports *

Man-made sports are man vs. man i.e. competitive (you against me/your team against my team) at times leading to pride, tempers, and fights.

Natural sports are man vs. his world of desert, mountain, sea, and the creatures found therein (hunting/fishing) leading toward a great “education in the wilds.”

– eab, 1/21/15

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