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2Th 2. 3

“Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;”

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“God…cannot and will not save any man against his will but

He will convict a man of sin against his will.”

– T M Anderson, from his Prayer Availeth Much

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Money would make a terrible food. Coin or paper (fiat money) would make uncomfortable clothing. (Remember the fig leaves?) A bed of stacks of dollars or golden nuggets isn’t my idea of sleep-able. There are prettier pictures to hang on your walls, better carpets for floors, and cheaper fuels to keep you warm. So, what’s our fascination with money? It’s merely a means of exchange. “Its just money”- as poor as my wife and I’ve been I can’t imagine me saying this years ago but it’s true. When Paul wrote about God supplying “all your need” he did not need to, nor did he, mention money. I like that.

– eab, 3/6/17

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Look around you

At the things that astound you,

And the thoughts that confound you,

At the objects that would drawn you.

Looking around can “hound” you.

The Cry of alarm is “Look out.”

The Calm of heaven’s charm is “Look up.”

– eab, 3/6/12

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Mankind are “social beings”

– been since Adam introduced himself to Eve. The prime social unit is the family. This is true in physically and spiritually: we are born into a natural family and “born again” (His wonderful provision plus our sensible decision) into God’s family. The human a natural time to socialize is at meals (once a day at least) and family devotions, if one or both parents are Believers. The spiritual family also meets together in secret or public meetings, with more or less structure.

Be often with your Brothers and Sisters in Christ, feeding on The Eternal written and Living Word.

-eab, 3/2/17

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