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Worldliness is an in-ward,



down-ward condition which is self-inflected.

There’s one more “-ward” we’ll face if we persist on worldliness – feeling awk-ward in God’s presence.

He sent His Son to die so we can be free of worldliness.

– eab, 3/24/17

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The carnal mind

Rom 8. 7

“Because the carnal mind is enmity against God:

for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.”

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“The carnal mind is easily swayed

by the flesh and the spectacular.”

– Phillip Dickinson, message 10/19/03

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Words vs Swords

Words are more powerful than swords. At first glance that may sound ludicrous. T-h-i-n-k. Swords create little thought, Words cause great meditation. Swords only stop life, they never stop Words already said. A sword is a short extension of an arm (some 3’), Words fly to the end of the world. Swords rust and go away, Words last forever. Jesus is the Word (Joh 1.1), not the sword. Therefore, God’s dead-to-this-world Man (Kingdom soldier) is incomparably better than non-ranking or ranking earthly, military persons.

– eab, 3/25/17

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Wrong End


Ahithophel “liked” his advice

Thought it solid, perhaps even nice.

When his guidance went unheeded

He hung himself, as unneeded.

Hanging is a murderous vice. 2Sa 17.23

– eab, Mar. ‘05

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A Blue Jay

A Blue Jay

can’t help it he was hatched a blue jay and hasn’t “thought” about it. You were born carnal and till faced with conviction have little thought about it. When in God’s faithfulness you become aware of terrible, controlling, carnality you need to know that you (unlike Mr. Blue Jay) can change natures. Modernistic preachers (still carnal themselves) hide this glorious fact from their Judgment-Bound-Congregations. Or is a “holiness preacher” reading this who is NOT preaching Holiness? YOU can become a “new creature.”

Carnality – that root of Anger, Jealousy, Pride, etc. can be removed.  Praise God.

– eab, 3/25/17

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Ante-Nicene Quote

“For the gates of the Word being intellectual,

are opened by the key of faith.”


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