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Be Holy

1Pe 1. 15

“But as he which hath called you is holy,

so be ye holy in all manner of conversation;”

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“The dichotomy between clergy and laity with holiness attaching to the former

was formalized into a theological structure by Thomas Aquinas.”

– Ray Dunning, from his book Grace Faith & Holiness

>> This is not a proper division. <<

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Narrow Way

If the narrow way (Biblically narrow) cramps your “style” you would not be comfortable in heaven. Heaven is filled with souls who CHOOSE the narrow way. (Come, friend, die to yourself, and take the way Jesus wants for you.)

– eab, 8/15/15

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Much of the kind palaver

When friends and family gather

Is about what the man did

While he scurried o’er the earth.


What his parents could afford

Where he schooled, and what he scored,

Talk is of what he added

To his family’s total worth.


Or if he was a mixer

Perhaps a great up-fixer

Or that he was quite candid

Or a man of jolly mirth.


None of such talk is centered

On the place the dead entered

For the one discussed has died

Forever leaving old earth.


To go up to God’s heaven

Which has no carnal leaven

Requires, to be qualified

A second and holy birth.


After “birth” did he invest

His talents as he was blest?

Had he God’s kingdom supplied

Even in times of his dearth?


What we’re worth when our life ends

Heaven’s count of us depends

Not upon gold neatly stacked

Nor upon our ranch’s girth.


Heaven’s the place to send wealth

Eternal illness or health

High investment – related

Whether from New York or Perth.

– eab, Mar. 2007

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Past confessed sins are forgotten for the Believer – wonderful.

Past “good living” is forgotten for the Backslider – Equally just.

– eab, 5/30/15

The backslider (openly or hypocritically) finds it hard to come back to God. It is because of pride.

He has to admit he was wrong. (Pride hates to admit that “me,” a respectable, honest adult, has been wrong for the last 5 months or years.)

– eab, 8/14/15


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Ante-Nicene Quote

“What has become of the laws repressing expensive and ostentatious ways of living? . . .

which put down the theatres as quickly as they arose to debauch the manners of the people.”

– Tertullian, APOLOGY

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