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Be Holy

1Pe 1. 15

“But as he which hath called you is holy,

so be ye holy in all manner of conversation.”

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“Am I holy…when I trade, when I mingle in debate and strife,

when I am chided and maligned, when I am off my guard?”

– R. S. Foster, from his CHRISTIAN PURITY

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* Wife – will your husband have a better chance of living and dying a genuine Christian because he is married to you? Do you pray for him? Do you support his decisions as he moves away from the world and deeper with God? Or are you pulling him toward the world?

* Husband – does your wife stand a better chance of going to heaven since she’s married to you? Do you suggest she dress suggestively? Or are you a strong supporter of her being modest in public? Do you pray for her? Do you take the lead in family altar? Happily?

– eab, 4/10/17

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Prophets of old weren’t known for their jokes;

Jokers were found on the stage.

Pastors and other ministerial folks,

Have changed this in “modern” age.


Elijah was not joking when God’s fire fell,

Consuming fifty-one men.

Nor had he humor confronting the king,

Or other men in deep sin.

– eab, 4/10/07

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My posts are addressed to anonymous souls

(the way they need to be) yet I hope if/when you Friend, need their message, or prodding, or pointed question I hope (as a pastor hopes) that you will take the post as “just for you.” You don’t need to thank me. If an eab post crosses your computer in the nick-o-time please thank the Heavenly Father (for whom I work).

 God deserves all the glory; now and in the ages to come.

– eab, 4/8/17

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Ante-Nicene Quote

…Sun and the moon and the rest of the starry choir – absurdly imagining these,

which are but instruments for measuring time, to be gods…”


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