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Jesus is my “Hero” (said with utmost respect). He won every contest, was strong, yet gentle, and He beat death – you can’t get greater than that. Not on this earth.

– eab, Dec. ‘14

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1Ti 2. 9

“In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel,

with shamefacedness and sobriety;

not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;”

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“How can one be holy on the inside

and sexy on the outside?”

– H Robb French, (quoted by V O Agan, at IHC 4/21/92)

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God did what He wanted to do when He made you. Then He allowed you to do what you wanted to do: Love Him or hate Him. Self love (you loving yourself, excluding God and neighbor) is hatred toward God.

– eab,1/31/15

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If you have an eye for the tiny,

Substitutes abound.

If you’ll settle for less-than-the-best,

Second-rates are around.

If “good enough” will do for you,

If stuffed animals make up your “zoo,”

If church – you can’t wait till it’s through,

Your vows you need to renew.

False is “real” – it has a-hold on you!

– eab, Apr  2009

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Wake UP

Wake up! Truth be known,

in some “christian” families Moses’ words apply more to football (or sport “in season”) than Scripture. …thou shalt teach them [football terms, team names] diligently unto thy children…talk of them [players, touchdowns] when thou sittest in thine house…walkest [driving to school] by the way…when you retire and when thou get up. (apologies to Moses and the Holy Scripture – Deu 6.7.)

– eab, 4/6/17

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Ante-Nicene Quote

“The game of dice is to be prohibited and the pursuit of gain,

especially by dicing…”


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