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The most holy men are tempted with Sex, Money, or Power.

The most holy women are tempted with Pride, even in their “grandma hour.”

– eab, 4/26/16

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Mar 9. 44 & 46 & 48

“Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.”

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“Sin is against God and since God is eternal

sin must be punished eternally.”

– Spencer Johnson, (uncertain date or location)

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The human body, strong, yet surprisingly fragile, lives a God-designated period of time on earth and dies. The brain which the body hosted also dies, sometimes with, sometimes before the body disintegrates. The soul, by most solemn contrast, never dies. These three arguably began their existence at the same time, but when the first two have a terminal point on earth the soul moves beyond this “partnership” to live forever outside earth’s limited borders.

– eab, 4/6/17

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A day of choice comes to every man and child,

To follow the Meek and Lowly, or satan, mean and wild,

To take the way, narrow and right

Or the way of confusion, sin and blight.

O choose, friend, the Christ, He is so mild.

– eab, 5/1/13

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Worldliness has been preached

from our pulpits over and over. But how has it been preached? Dress? Yes! Amusements? Yes! Materialism? Yes! Education?   Well…not like it should be. Why? There are dangers in the others mentioned and warnings are needed but let us be Scriptural. “…The world by wisdom knew not God…”(1Co 1.21). Love not the world. What could be more worldly than its system of education, kindergarten – doctorate?

That system is responsible in a large part for the worldliness in the other areas.

– eab, pre-1967

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Ante-Nicene Quote

“For as by the disobedience of the one man who was originally molded from virgin soil, the many were made sinners and forfeited life; so was it necessary that, by the obedience of one man, who was originally born from a virgin, many should be justified and receive salvation.”


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