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There’s a huge difference between being humanly appointed & being Divinely Anointed. The first words in each set are extremely different. The second words are also different. Many a man has been appointed. Several men have been Anointed. Relatively few have been both appointed & Anointed. Bless their memory.

– eab, 5/2/17

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Heb 12. 23

“To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and

to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect;”

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“As the chisel blows no longer are permitted to fall upon the statue that is perfected;

so temptation’s strokes can never come again upon those who in heaven are ‘complete.’”

– M W Knapp, from his work CHRIST CROWNED WITHIN


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Words are “bags/boxes” to carry ideas. When the speaker/writer is unknown the “bags/boxes” have little value. When the one filling the containers is a fraud, the contents are nearly worthless. The value of container’s contents increases when the speaker/writer is valued. Do not accept mere “bags/boxes” – – – knowing who said/wrote them makes a HUGE difference. Never forget that.

– eab, 5/2/17

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Thou art higher than anything men call God

Whether in, under, or over the sod.

Thou art mightier, mightier by far.

Why worship the mere sun, moon, or small star?

Thou hast all wisdom. All wise art Thou.

How ignorant to bow before cicada, crow, or cow.

There is no attribute which man can name

But what You surpass the zenith of the same.

Yet sin, in blindness, has led men to stoop,

And acclaim worship to the chicken or the “coop.”

– eab, 5/2/07

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If you’re in heaven & I

(by His grace) come – I’ll be glad you’re there. And, if I’m in heaven when you “walk in,” you’ll be glad I’m there. We, on earth, may have disagreed on “A” or “B” being necessary OR unnecessary, depending on our limited view of The Bible, BUT if you love Jesus & obey His “specs” for you, & I love Him & obey His “specs” for me, we’ll be there together. Love for the Savior & unlimited obedience to Him will out-weight in His sight (my humble opinion) our mistaken heads.

Amen? Ouch?

– eab, 5/2/17

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Ante-Nicene Quote

[After quoting from Mat 5.16, Luk 21.34, Luk 12.35-36, 45-47 and Luk 6.46 he writes]

“All such passages demonstrate the independent will of man…”


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