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A “bad” man and a “good” man may both have a driving desire to be better. The former, too often, believes in man-centered myths of “self-improvement” and other mind-tricks, and consequently fails. The latter believes in the miracle-power of Christ to make one a “…new creature…”(2Co 5.17) and consequently succeeds.

– eab, 4/28/17

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Be perfect

Mat 5. 48

“Be ye therefore perfect,

even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”

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“Holiness in man is the same in kind,

as holiness in God.”

– William Jones, MD, from his THE DOUBLE CURE

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“Let the words of my mouth…meditation…be acceptable in thy sight…”(Psa 19.14). Allow me to add (hopefully without harming Biblical thought) barely acceptable, because we can never over-praise, over-worship, over-pray. We are at best “…unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do”(Luk 17.10). I love being His servant. Q.- “For Whom do you work?” A.- “The King of kings.” J

– eab, 5/3/17

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Someday death will thump on his door,

Someday there’ll be a slight tap on his heart,

The blood pressure will cease,

And – – – life will depart.

As a man leaned when his mind was in place,

So will he fall, departing from this race.        

– eab, May  2000

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Just returned from celebrating

Moma Stel’s (Martha’s mom) 95th Birthday – April 29. Can’t prove it but suspicion she set a record. She had 3 of her 3 children there and all 3 mates. She had 10 of her 10 grandchildren there and 6 of their mates – other 4 are alive but didn’t make it. She had 3 of 3 Roush g.g. (great-grandchildren), 2 of 3 Vernon g.g., 2 of 2 Hunt g.g., 3 of 4 Sams g.g. 3 of 3 Funton g.g., 6 of 6 E.A.Bryan g.g., 2 of 2 L.S.Bryan g.g., 4 of 4 Hausman g.g., and 6 of 6 Dickinson g.g. Her only great, great-grand, Carson made it – sorry his mom couldn’t. (The above represents 16 weddings and 0 divorces – Praise the Lord.) There were 5 niece/nephews from her siblings, & 14 from her husband’s siblings. Friends, old & new, and church connections filled the number to at least 110.

– eab, 5/3/17

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Ante-Nicene Quote

“O the prodigious folly of being ashamed of the Lord! He offers freedom, you flee into bondage,

He bestows salvation, you sink down into destruction; He confers everlasting life, you wait for punishments, and prefer the fire which the Lord ‘has prepared for the devil and his angels.’”


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