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Be happy

Wife – if your husband

has chosen to walk with God, please do not hinder him. He’s saving the family many dollars by not smoking (making your house smell better), by not drinking alcohol, & by not being addicted to every sporting event within a 100 miles. Honor his decision. Be honest, you know your life is easier since he is a man after-God’s-own-heart. Do not tease him to take you out to eat on the Lord’s Days.

Go with him to worship service & consider following him to the foot of the cross.

– eab, 5/9/17

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“…Grow up…”

Eph 4. 15

“But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things,

which is the head, even Christ:”

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“Purity is a proper preparation for growth; maturity is the gradual perfecting of growth.

Purity is instantaneous, maturity is gradual.

Purity respects quality, maturity quantity.”

– William McDonald, from THE DOUBLE CURE

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Sinner couple

Sinner couple, I pray that one of you will develop a deep desire to love & learn about God & thus will move the other heaven-ward. What a privilege it would be for YOU to be the reason that the one you love most on earth eventually goes to heaven.

– eab, 5/9/17

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46 Years

God instituted marriage, 

When He gave Adam, Eve.

Christ’s first miracle was performed,

At a wedding I believe.


What the Almighty has joined

Let not man put apart.

Imagine the pain, O the loss,

Of a cold, dissected heart.


This earth’s greatest union;

A man and his faithful wife.

Always loving, as Christ the church,

Joined for living & for life.


Forty and six years ago today,

Two became one;

(An initial changed; C. to B.)

For better – worse, for tears – fun.


For children, and their children,

For gray hairs or none.

Years that spell problems and battles,

Here there a victory won.


Forty six.  May many more

Belong to Mom and Dad.

Making your lives rich in Christ’s love,

Now, and eternally glad.

– eab, May  1973

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Husband – if you’re not a Christian & your wife is

trying to live for Jesus, man-up & stop trying to hinder her. No, though she is attempting to be a Believer, she’s not perfect (you aren’t either) but don’t pick-on-her. Let her dress modestly (in public – inside your home is different), don’t nag her to wear cosmetics (she is saving you $), & PLEASE do not be a “little devil” tempting her in what you know is her weakness. If you won’t go with her to church, don’t hinder her going.

Love her so much you wish her to go to heaven.

– eab, 5/9/17

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Ante-Nicene Quote

“For there are many mansions in the Father’s house

in as much as there are also many members in the body.”


>> Sadly, some modern translations misunderstand “house.” <<

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