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Counterfeit money has “this” or “that” feature, enough to fool most of us. It has colors like real money. It has numbers as real money. It is passed-off as real money. But if you hand a fake “twenty” over and a clerk rejects it, you just lost $20. There are false religions with “this” or “that” feature and they’re fooling many. They have the appearance of the real. They are passed-off as real. But when life ends and the angel rejects your spurious “religion,” you did not just lose a twenty – – – you lost your never-dying soul!

– eab, May 2017

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Psa 39. 5

“Behold, thou hast made my days as an handbreadth; and mine age is as nothing before thee:

verily every man at his best state is altogether vanity. Selah.”

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“The devil will always offer you the best…

it will never get better.”

– Jacob Miller 4/30/1981

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Be happy, again

I don’t mind you being black and happy that you are; or you being (contentedly) yellow, brown or white. If you are happy with your color, I am. If you are sad that God allowed you to born “x” color, I’m sorry. What to do about it? Talk to your Creator. (You and I can talk to Him about anything J.) Talk honestly but talk respectfully. Ask Him not to change your skin but to change you within. He can (only He can) and help you to be happy again.

-eab, 5/6/17

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You can not do some things that are wrong,

And do a list of what’s considered right.

You can go to church at appropriate times,

And never be in a “barroom fight”

You can cut down to one pack a day,

Into pornography not ever stray,

Even give half your fortune away,

And still have a sinful, stinking, soul.

– eab, 5/13/16

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She traveled to London,

Moscow, and Jerusalem. Did she travel to the foot of Christ’s cross?

He purchased land and stock to live on that land. Did he allow Jesus to purchase his soul?

She ate steak, shrimp, & caviar. Did she eat “humble pie” or partake of the “Bread of Life” (Joh 6.35)?

He wrote “A” & “B” & famous “C.” Was his name written in the “Lamb’s book of life” (Rev 21.27)?


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Ante-Nicene Quote

“…nothing more resembles God than one of us

when he becomes righteous in the highest possible degree.”


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