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Help that son

Are you seeing what I’m seeing: the lessening of maleness in boys? Pictures of “one” supposed to be a young man standing like a young woman? What should be a “guy” wearing what could be female patterns/designs? Do you believe the “de-maling” of western males is accidental? FAR-too-often boys have a rock-music “it” or a non-working-always-playing sports guy, or a hollywood actor as the person to look-like, talk-like, walk-like. Parents, please awaken. Parents, try to remember what normal was before society became inundated with movies. Parents, take that son camping, teach him how to work: more importantly how to like to work. And grandparents, if you can’t help “Johnny” be a man, please do not hinder his dad from helping him Man-up.

– eab, 5/23/17

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Rev 19. 20

“And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.”

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“An image defies the omnipresence of God.”

– Paul Pierpoint, serman 9/19/99

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If it is not eatable I have little interest in growing it. Let’s eat the “root” (tuber, if you like), the “fruit” (be honest, you know a tomato is a fruit), or the “shoot” (as a fresh salad green or cooked greens). My wife’s department is the flower (for looks), mine is the veggie side, which BTW, has some pretty flowers of their own but follow that up that with delicious, fresh as possible, homegrown, healthy, beautiful food. Have you planted your garden yet? It’s not too late!

– eab, 5/23/17

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June – May

June is the month to begin

Wedding dreams and acts.

May they never end

This side death’s cold facts.


Marriage is for all of life

What a godly “invention.”

One strong man, one good wife

Can withstand intervention.


“Do you take this man to be?”    

Can be promised in high elation.

To be always her man, his lady,

Takes love, work, and determination.

– eab, May 2009

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Wish I knew his name.

He was an adult (maybe 25-35) the summer of ’57 and was a supervisor in the kitchen (dish crew I guess) at the Pilgrim Holiness Camp, Springfield, OH. I was one of the kids working-my-way-through-camp doing dishes. After a day or two I’d noticed Donna and was sitting with her in services (some of you remember those camp-meeting “friendships”). One day while doing kitchen duty she happened near enough a window that I saw her and gave a “wolf-whistle.” The young minister (I assume) heard me and kindly informed let me know that that whistle was out-of-place. I didn’t know and didn’t bristle. Wish I knew his name – he might be the dad/uncle/grandpa of someone reading this post.

I am grateful for his help that far-away youthful day.

– eab, 5/23/17

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Ante-Nicene Quote

“For we do not find that the devil created anything whatsoever,

since indeed he is himself a creature of God, like the other angels.”


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