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The weird want to claim some famous (by worldly assessment) person as “weird” to bolster their unnatural inclinations. Sadly some shallow christians also “claim” so-n-so was a “christian” and they may also be wrong about their facts. The weird may need such a “feather in their hat.” The cause of Christ “needs” no famous men – every famous man (and the infamous one too) NEEDS Christ.

– eab, 5/24/17


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“It [holiness] is not a completed experience but admits of unending growth.

It…places us in a condition where the obstructions to growth are removed.”

– J. M. Pike from the book DOUBLE CURE

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Either you accept God as your Maker (and Maker of heaven and earth) or, OR you live in a world of Make-believe: Make-believe “history” mixed with Make-believe “science” (both with unproven and un-provable “millions” of yrs) mixed with unbelievable sketches (and “stretches”) of Make-believe “entertainment.”

– eab, May 2017

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Don’t Hide


“Hide and go seek” is a game children play,

They play it at dusk, the close of the day.

But don’t be childish, “hiding” from your God.

Day is ending; you’ll soon be under sod.

– eab, 5/29/07

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Years ago – I have no exact date –

I realized that God did not make straight lines in His vast (how weak a word) creation. No species of animals of whom I am aware are straight. Some plants, especially giant trees, approach purely vertical lines but do not go there. Creeks and rivers, lake edges and sea shores are known for, and loved for, graceful curves. Clouds: white fleece or thunderheads are lacking in straight lines. Alas, the only Being capable of making perfect parallel or perfect perpendicular lines chose not to. Except – – – except the perfect straightness of a sea/sky horizon. (It is not called “sea level” for nothing.) All pics (excluding fish-eye lenses) show God’s one and only perfectly straight line.

– eab, 5/29/17

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Ante-Nicene Quote

“So that all who, by human law, are twice married,

are in the eyes of our Master sinners…”

– Justin,  Apology, 1st

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