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Ante-Nicene Quote

“…The Father is the invisible of the Son, but the Son the visible of the Father.”



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sun is a clock

God made the sun as a servant to man.

It is a grand, world-wide “clock” no more to be worshipped than any other clock. It has a daily-duty.

God made the moon as a second servant to man. It again is not to be worshipped though it’s a beautiful, changing “time-piece.” It has a monthly duty.

God sowed the firmament with myriads of stars and they light moonless nights. They shine on earth and will someday fall onto the earth.

They’re not to be worshipped nor feared – astrology is pagan.

– eab 5/30/17

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Many a preacher’s boy

Has been led by the devil astray,

Stumbled down the wrong path

Further and further away,

Sampled sin a little and then a lot,

Until dad’s God was almost forgot,

But God changed all that

When He found a saint that would pray.

– eab, May  2013

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God and decent people (sinners or saints) do not like “show-offs.” Some show-off their Brains – I urge you to be humble. Some show-off their Bodies – I urge you to be modest. And some show-off their “spirituality” (which is no “spirituality”) – I urge you to be honest – God knows each of our hearts.

– eab, 5/30/17

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“All the power and wisdom and cunning of satan will be exercised to secure your defeat.

He hates a holy man.”

– J. M. Pike from the book DOUBLE CURE

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False prophets

Mat 24. 11

“And many FALSE prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.”

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Flee Debt

The more you have the more you want: 1.) As a collector, 2.) As “keeping up with the Jones” 3.) As trying to satisfy the soul with mere materialism. (Impossible to do, BTW.) TV, radio, billboards, computer ads feed this desire for more and more. If you aren’t careful you’ll go in debt to procure things. STOP. In-a-way debt is the “new slavery.” There are those who like it that you are in debt. You don’t have to be.

– eab, 5/17/17

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