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As an older man, I ask you middle-aged and older friend, share that trick of memory, share that nifty idea about wood-working or baking, share that tip on gardening. Share them with a son/daughter or s-n-l/d-n-l, a grandchild or other youthful person. (You may wonder if you’ve told them before, simply say, “I’m over 50” and proceed. J) Yesterday AM as I suckered my young tomato plants I remembered my late f-n-l, Carson W Scarbrough. His tip has been a blessing to me for years; I’m so glad he told/showed me. 

What is “suckering tomatoes”? The main stem of the plant puts out a rightish leaf and 1 leftish above, etc. (When looking straight down on a tomato plant leaf formation approximates a pie cut in 6 pieces.) Between the leaf and the main stem a plant (in the very crotch) will send up a “sucker.” Using your fingernail – if larger use a sharp-noised scissors – snip that sucker off. (A plant is “geared” to getting big as possible; as its owner you’re “geared” to wanting tomatoes.) You should de-sucker a plant every few days – it will send out more suckers. The fruiting stem which will have blossoms, then fruit, is not in the crotch but higher. Wish you lots of tomatoes – my favorite garden “goody.”

– eab, 6/2/17

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1Jo 2. 15

“Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”

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“Is it less than blasphemy to sing songs on Sunday such as ‘All that thrills my soul is Jesus’ but spend hours a week at ball parks or before a T.V. trying to ‘get a kick’ out of life?”

– Leonard Ravenhill from his book MEAT FOR MEN

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Those who know God best, love Him the most. (Who of us have not known someone – the more you know about him/her the less you like them?) Get to know God better this week, this month, this year. I know so little about this but believe You (said reverently) will Both appreciate the new closeness.

– eab, 6/2/17

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I passed a mansion the other day,

In fact, passed more than one.

Some with hewn stone done,

Some covered in artfully laid brick,

Requiring a good eye and sound mortar trick,

To make the design to go up and stay.


Money had been lavishly out paid,

For angle upon angle of this or that roof,

More than was needed to make it rain proof,

While window design was a sight,

Multitudes of ways to let in the light,

And neat walks were out laid.


All this says nothing of a huge lawn,

Mowed to perfection, trimmed just right,

With hedge and shrub cut to perfect height,

And flowering trees or flowers themselves,

Tiered up and down as outdoor shelves,

Some lit to glow from dusk till dawn.


High fractions of millions or millions and more,

Where paid to build unique castles,

Tools and toys added to minimize hassles,

Cooling and heating storage and game room,

Creature comforts instantly zoom,

Awaiting the owner – all pleasures are in store.

– eab, 6/2/08

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No one, but no one,

really likes a liar, if you KNOW he is a liar. (One exception is entertainment – some are delighted with lying comics, sci-fi.) But a liar is liked when he’s telling you “what you want to hear” and “want to believe.” The world’s oldest, therefore most experienced liar, is satan. He’ll tell you what you want to hear (“you’re beautiful” when you aren’t, “you’re spiritual” when you’re not, or “everybody hates you” when they don’t).

The only way satan gets people to follow him to Hell is lies, lies, lies. Wake Up!

– eab, 6/2/17

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Ante-Nicene Quote

“For as among men, those sons who disobey their fathers, being disinherited, are still their sons in course of nature, but by law are disinherited . . . so in the same way is it with God,–those who do not obey Him being disinherited by Him, have ceased to be Him sons.”


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