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God in His perfect sovereignty allows you to tell Him “no.” Your “no” may be a clenched fist raised toward heaven with a defiant shout. Or, OR, your “no” may be a wagging of the index finger right and left with an almost inaudible ‘no.” God allows you this choice once. He could return and tap you on the shoulder again but do not count on it. Your “no” to God (whichever type) marks you as a “rebel” and unless He re-visits you, you are marked for hell!

– eab, 5/8/17

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Joh 15. 18

“If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.”


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“The preacher may go with the crowd; but the prophet goes against it.

A man freed, fired, and filled with God will be branded

   unpatriotic because he speaks against his nation’s sins;

   unkind because his tongue is a two-edged sword;

   unbalanced because the weight of preaching opinion is against him.”

– Leonard Ravenhill, from his book WHY REVIVAL TARRIES

>> Are you friend, a mere preacher or a PROPHET? <<

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The invisible God could have kept Himself invisible. He didn’t and I am very glad He didn’t. He chose to reveal Himself.

O, Father, help me to be more persistent in seeing more and more of You: in Your Word and in Your Works.

– eab, 6/2/17

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Judas did the most evil deed.

He’s guilty of greed, so guilty of greed.

“O what thirty pieces won’t buy;

I gain – so what, if the Innocent die.”

The priests and elders paid no heed,

When he returned silver to plead.


Big-league Jews in highest places,

Sat in judgment with sin-hardened faces.

“What! Need we any further proof,

He has claimed Sonship – how awfully aloof!”

The priestly-proud, on wrong basis,

Slew the Meek with all His graces.


With clanging steel on arm and chin,

Military might struck His royal skin.

“Who is it that smote?” cried the wrong.

“Hail King” mocked and lied the smart, “super-strong,”

Then lead they Him, Who knew no sin,

And nailed Him with a Roman “pin.”


But who really killed the King of Glory,

Was it Judas with his kiss? Jewish leaders so amiss?

Roman soldiers with their fists?

It was ME with all my greed. It was my religious pride.

My self-reliance brought the deed,

And for my sins He was crucified.

– eab, 6/4/84

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What is the attraction of pageantry?

What pulls people toward regalia? What is the lure of formality? The late Steve D Herrron, a “great” from an earlier, more plain holiness era asked, “How formal do we have to be to be formal?” There’s a connection between my questions and his. Would you be willing to honestly answer these? Holy people were once less inclined to ceremony, in fact, it was almost absent except a little at weddings. What’s caused this change; why are many in love with formality?

Has the fascination with such made us a more praying people? A more praising people? A more heaven-conscience people?

– eab, 5/22/17

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Ante-Nicene Quote

“You yourself will spontaneously surmount the frivolousness of custom,

as boys when they become men throw aside their toys.”


>> What, pray tell would Clement say about all the playing “men” today? <<

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