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Ante-Nicene Quote

“Nay, the philosophers, having so heard from Moses,

taught that the world was created.”

– Clement, STROMATA, or Miscellanies

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In the fullness of His timing

God brought to the British throne (Dan 2.21) the most literary king of all time. This academic-minded man pulled together some of the greatest scholars and commissioned the production a new translation of the Words God long ago promised to preserve (Psa 12.6-7). Part of “fullness” was the freshness the English language – it was still forming. The Authorized Version (AV) was instrumental in shaping this new lingua franca. A less discussed part of “timing” was that the reformation was on these translator’s minds as they worked on this Classic English Bible. Sadly, as the reformation is ignored, the AV a.k.a. KJV, has found more enemies.

Friend, return to the greatest Bible in our tongue.

– eab,  6/5/17

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A little holiness chapel here,

A larger holiness church there

But in between the country is bare.

A small fire in that steeple house

A slight glow comes from this

Between are souls who know no holy bliss


– eab, Jun. ’93

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Traveling to a woodsy cabin, seashore cottage, mountainside/lakeside “hut” or a tent in said location, may cost a little but the actual relaxation is free. God charges nothing for the therapy of forest smells, the lap, lap, lap of waves, the pleasurable sight of His peaks and Jesus Himself encouraged rest (Mar 6.31). Pastor, evangelist, christian teacher, home-schooler, busy couple get away, if only for 3 days, and relax. Read different books, fish, hike, write, etc. enjoy family talks and relish devotions around campfires/fireplaces. You, your wife, and kids will return refreshed and have memories to share for years.

– eab, 6/5/17

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“The professional ‘show’ business started in ancient Greece…So foul and defiling to society did they become that at one time they were outlawed in Athens.”

– Paul Rees from his booklet “Movies and Conscientious Christians”

>> Reminder: Athens was heathen not Christian. -eab <<

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Be ye separate

2Co 6. 17

“Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,”

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“Entertainment” often, if not always, comes with price tags.

The price is partly in dollars – it’s hard to believe the “amusement park” fees, “concert” tickets, and “theater” costs about which I hear. The price is partly in nerves – getting everybody up, dressed, there on time, and safely through frenzied activities. The price is partly in artificiality – “canned” laughter never beats the real. These say nothing about the “message” we are indirectly teaching – – – that we spend this money and nervous energy

seeking after a passing moment of worldly pleasure and are-anything-but-relaxed thereby.

– eab, 6/5/17

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