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One Text and one only is totally trustworthy! Period. The devil knows that (seemingly better than many “bible scholars”). Stop believing the paper (if you still take one). Stop believing all textbooks say. Stop believing all, make that ALL, sinner-owned media spouts. Start studying the Classic Authorized Version. Start your personal search for TRUTH (pray for Holy Spirit guidance). Start thinking outside “the box” regardless of how long you’ve been in it or how “pretty” the box is.

– eab, 6/6/17

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1Th 5. 22


1Th 5. 22

“Abstain from all appearance of evil.”

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“You do not take your daughter to see my play. You are right. Let me say once and for all that you must not take your daughter to the theater. It is not merely the work that is immoral, it is the place.” – Dumas, playwright written to a friend

quoted by Paul Rees in his booklet “Movies and Conscientious Christians”

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Every mother, worthy of the name, is a teacher. Every decent dad is a teacher. (Yes, I realize bad moms /dads are also “teaching” but I’m ignoring that now.) Parents show them how to hold a spoon, walk, handle stairs, talk etc. Stop putting yourself down – saying you can’t TEACH your son/daughter their numbers, letters etc. Every man’s first school is his home. IF you’ll refresh your memory from grades school days, IF you’ll learn ahead of them (three steps ahead is three steps J), IF you’ll LOVE learning with them, you can be a wonderful teacher. Home with its various activities makes a great school – a school for real life.

– eab, 6/6/17

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Time was when we were all boys,

Our dads and grandpas were the men,

Standing strong and tall behind us

A type of “God,” way-back when.

“Time was” does not conveniently stay,

Time illusively passes, to pass away.

The dad and grandpa lie on yonder hill

We “boys” must their shoes try to fill.

Be strong “old boy.” Do God’s fine will.

– eab, 6/6/10

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Trust God!

Sight is limited to the skin

(skin of apple, skin of person, etc.) – not so with God.  

Sight is limited to the line-of-sight (we do not see around corners) – not so with God.  

Sight is limited by perspective (we can only see so far) – not so with God.  

Sight is limited by night (or lack of light) – not so with God.


– eab, 6/6/17

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Ante-Nicene Quote

“It is not possible to name the number of the gifts which the Church [scattered] throughout the whole world has received from God, in the name of Jesus Christ…”


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