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News “Junky”

Stop believing any one TV/radio/on-line “news” source.

If you’re a “news junky” at least seek news from several and weigh one against the other – – – carefully!

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God is a God of WORDS. His Book is a book of WORDS. (It has “pictures” but they are WORD pictures.) His Son is the WORD. His Son is also called the Son of Man; therefore we can say Jesus is a “Man of His WORD.” He SPOKE creation into existence. God said the first WORDS (Gen 1.3) and will have the last WORD. And God allowed man to have words: spoken, heard, and written. I am so unworthy, but I am grateful He directed my life into Words – BA in Literature, MA in Biblical Literature, and a life of teaching and preaching His WORD.

– eab, 6/10/17

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Php 2. 5

“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:”

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Ken Rice quote

“Every true believer is an expression of the mind and thought of Christ.”

– Ken Rice, sermon 8/3/1991

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One of our Lord’s most profound statements and perhaps the clearest one on child-rearing is “…Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s…” (Mar 12.17). Christ said this after viewing an imprint of Caesar on a penny. It was issued by the Romans – directly connected to government. Children, by huge contrast, are “issued” (via parents) by the Lord and are made in His Image. The state has no right to educate children. Give the state its tax, after all, they MADE that money – DO NOT give your children to the state for education or state militarism. (Yes, there is similarity.)

– eab, 6/10/17

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Horizons we see but cannot meet,

Arrive where they were, they aren’t at your feet.

Horizons so far, so distant, so grand,

We never quite meet one, try as hard as we can,

Run ever so fast, climb ever so high,

Horizons tease onward, where mountain meets sky.

The horizon I speak of, of course is the one

Where geographic forms collide with the sun,

When the day star slips behind mineral and bark,

Its swift run won, and leaves us in dark.

But another horizon exists and calls,

Where the laborious wave decidedly falls,

On the water-worn land of a battered old beach,

Where quartz and univalves mutually bleach.

The man who wanders there is pleased to have found,

An horizon he conquers; where sea meets the ground.

Where the Main laps or lunges at his feet in the sand,

And challenges ever the presence of land.

The horizon here found is attainable, close;

Not an illusion – a tangible coast.

A goal that is reached, a boundary that’s set;

This dry solid earth, this mysterious wet.

And man’s spirit here feels so light and so free,

At the very boundary, The boundary of earth and sea.

– eab, Jun. ‘76

[1] Written with chalk on the blackboard in my office at Christ Church, College, and Academy – a favorite of mine.

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10 Top People

Have YOU made a list of the 10 most important people in your life? (They may, or may not, have been important to the world or even in church circles but they impacted you.) Let me encourage you to sit down and write down that list – it may not be easy but it’ll make you think. If not 10, who were the 5 individuals who left an indelible imprint on your life? Then, remember, there is someone N.O.W. who is watching you, measuring your life by God’s great Book and consciously or not, imitating your talk and matching walk, or OR sadly following your footprints and ignoring your non-matching “talk.”

– eab, 6/12/17

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Ante-Nicene Quote

“….That which the chiefs of philosophy only guessed at,

the disciples of Christ both apprehended and proclaimed.”


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