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Caesar or God

A day existed in corrupted history when the state forced people to choose between the state or God. Today, an unbelievable number of people (some claiming to be “christians”) are trying to mix (i.e. serve) both Caesar and Christ. They do not mix – either we serve God or the state – not both. As the age closes there will again come to a sharp divide. We will choose the Lord of heaven or, OR the Mark of the beast.

– eab, 6/12/17

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1Jo 2. 17

“And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.”

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“Lord I thank You for letting me see the sights of New York and

Lord I thank You that I didn’t see anything I wanted.”

– Buddy Robinson

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If the outer woman reflects a mere 50% of the inner woman, some social media friends have chosen to live differently than Mom. Why? (Have you honestly asked yourself “why?”) Many of you “girls” not only changed from Mom’s careful, classic, lady-likeness; you allowed daughters be frivolous, even flirtatious, in appearance. Why? Did God have one standard for Mom but a different one for you and your girl? If Mom is gone, we both hope she’s in heaven – if next year you’re gone, will you join her? THINK.

– eab, 5/11/17

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Empty, cold, decaying alone,

The “has-been,” at the cross roads;

Boards for windows, pigeons for choir,

Once place where men laid down their loads.


Once the pastor burned the pulpit;

Fire from heaven that he preached

Filled the pews and spilled beyond them

Beyond the door, others were reached.


Why such empty, hollow churches

Why the grown-up parking lot

‘Cause a people that once knew Him

Act now, as though they “knew Him not.”

– eab, Jun. ‘93

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Is “Holiness or Hell”

an accurate, succinct term? Some have bristled at it. Admittedly it can be said without love (a little mind “defending” a doctrine or expressing animosity against another group). Or the term can be considered theological “fighting words.” Please friend, though it can be uttered carelessly, it nonetheless carries a terribly important truth. We will find and maintain a holy heart or we will be drawn back into worldliness

– – – and – – – be eternally lost.

– eab, 6/5/17

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Ante-Nicene Quote

“…The righteousness of the perfect man does not rest on civil contracts or on prohibition of law

but flows from his own spontaneous action and his love to God.”

– Clement, STROMATA, or Miscellanies

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