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His name was Clyde D Bryan.

He stood a mere 5’5” (I passed him about 14 & I’m short). He taught me how to work. He was on one end – I on the other of a cross-cut saw when I was 10. He was never a full time farmer (he welded until his eyes went bad) but he built one barn one place and pulled 3’ of cable through the com-a-longs bringing another barn back to plum. I LOVED DAD but he had to depart this life. 


His “name” is God.

He is immense and I desire to be like Him. He has patiently taught me how to follow Him. He has been with me in places a lot harder than a cross-cut saw and He saw me through time after time. He eyes have never gone bad. He’s rebuilt 1000’s of lives bringing them back to Plum – the Plum line of His Word. I LOVE my FATHER and He will never die. Thank you God for Dad and thank you for being my HEAVENLY FATHER!!! (Sorry I didn’t get this typed earlier.)

  • eab,  6/19/17

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