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It is God’s desire that we be Holy. Not only is it His desire but He’s made provision that we be Holy. Not only is it His desire and He has made provision but it is His command, “…Be ye Holy…”(1Pe 1.15&16). To have no hunger to be Holy displeases Him. To refuse to be Holy is ungodly! It is saying we do not want to be like God. How can anyone think they’ll go to heaven if they do not want to be like the Father?  

– eab, 6/10/17

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Pride is BAD

Mar 7. 22

“Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, PRIDE, foolishness:”

>> Emphasis eab. Notice what BAD company Pride keeps <<

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“The very essence of sin is pride…”

– George Shaw, from his book Spirit In Redemption

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Some people years ago went to church/camp meeting to be entertained – they were sinners. The saints years ago went to service to worship God. They were blessed when He came and there were genuine shouts of joy. They were thrilled when God came with a holy quietness and tears freely flowed. If He did not come they could pray, perhaps confess their faults (Saints with faults? Yes, in all honesty) or even cross the church to apologize. Saints do NOT go to church to be entertained.

– eab, 6/20/17

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Thank you Lord

We thank You Lord, for Your goodness,

To the human race.

Your light and Your mercy,

Your holiness and Your grace.

A beautiful world in which to live,

A beautiful life because of the life that You give;

Oh, we thank You for Your blessings on this place.        

– eab, Jun. ’71

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You can believe what you want to believe.

You can require high standards for evidence or you can accept non-credible sources because friends do. You can change your beliefs in some mid-life-crisis. You can believe your “belief system” (“propped up” here, “patched up” there) all you life. Then, just this side the casket you’ll leave all faulty “belief systems.” Beyond the grave what the Bible has taught all along will prevail and – – – it will prevail FOREVER.

Souls believe God’s Word in hell but it’s too late.

– eab, 6/20/17

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Ante-Nicene Quote

“…Salvation runs parallel with sincere willingness—

choice and life being, so to speak, yoked together.”


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Is your society affecting your religion OR

is your Salvation affecting your immediate society?

– eab, 1/5/13

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