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Poor kids!

Your at-home-kids have to listen to your music (car, home, “concert”). Does it center on Jesus Christ? Does it center on self? (Reminder – even many “gospel songs” are about “me,” my struggles, my needs, and do not fully glorify Christ). Or worse yet, are your kids hearing rock songs about death or country songs with words of verbal pornography? You Dad, You Mom, are responsible for music you condone and therefore Johnny and Susie think its “right for christians.”

– eab, June 2017

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Rom 12.1

Rom 12. 1

“I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

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“Antagonism to holy living comes from unregenerate people

and never from the regenerate.”

– George Shaw, from his Spirit in Redemption

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No paid actors

No one, repeat, NO ONE should make a living being an actor. He should leave the REEL world and do good works in the REAL world. There is only one way such shallow, false guys can make money doing this – because you or your family/friends (or somebody else) is paying to see their PRETEND lives, in pretend movies, about some nebulous PRETEND world. They receive no money from me. Zilch. Zero. (I have better places for my twenties and MUCH better things to do with my time; – – – so do you.)

– eab, 6/20/17

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My God is the God of the Sacred page

He, ageless is the Lord of every age

He pre-dates the gods of sports and stage

He’ll out-live all gods of war and rage

His love can make “heaven” of a cage

His grace has no adequate gage

His reward exceeds any earthly wage

He has no equal – my Lord of Sacred page.

– eab, June  ‘11

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“I’ll say what I want to say.”

“I’ll touch what I want to touch.” “I’ll wear what I want to wear.”

“I’ll drink what I want to drink.” “I’ll watch what I want to watch.” “I’ll go where I want to go.”

Carnal man/woman doesn’t want to fellowship with God – he/she wants to BE God.

(Saints replace ALL the 2nd “I’s” above with “GOD.”)

– eab, 6/25/17

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Ante-Nicene Quote

“And if any one. . .compel thee [to go ] a mile go with him twain so that thou mayest not follow him as a slave but may as a free man go before him…”


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