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When dealing with cults &/or false religions, with the occult &/or false “science” or when dealing with the whole area of entertainment &/or false pictures (there may be overlap) it is best to remember this: They cannot all be right BUT. they. can. all. be. wrong!!!

– eab, 6/15/17

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In God

1Co 8. 6

“But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him;

and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him.”

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“The Book of God is like a beautiful garden where all the flowers grow upon the same soil and are watered from the same heaven, but each has its own unique colors, forms, fragrance, and incivility.”

– George Shaw, from his Spirit In Redemption

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How much of a hold does money have on you? Be honest. The devil and his many helpers want you to Seek after / Insist on making / Live for / Spend much / Borrow heavily / Dream of / AND die for money. When God promised to provide for His children He didn’t mention money, “…my God shall supply all your need…” Stop the worldly “love affair” with this world’s internationally controlled money.  

– eab, 6/20/17

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Without a photo a face fades,

Sculpture, pictures are memory aids.

Pictures help us remember

Beyond our mental endeavor

Our family’s former men and maids.


But is an odd jaw, wiry hair

(the limits of a photo rare)

Best? Should we not remember kin

For character, strengths, “stuff” within?

Generosity? Loving care?


How much better to know their goals,

The inner vibrations of their souls.

What they secretly, often sought,

What they seldom – if ever – got,

(Much more important than facial “moles.”)


Inner strengths have heavenly weight,

So crucial beyond that great gate.

Images we claim not to adore,

But probably we “put too much store,”

In paint, charcoal, pencil, and slate.

– eab, 7/1/09

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Childhood pretending is natural:

he makes vroom noises for toys, she coos to a play baby. Somewhere headed into adulthood pretending stops “…I put away childish things” Paul says. Or IT USED to. TV has extended pretending. Grown people almost “believe” the fakery of serial shows. Actors have reached a level of demigods beside make-believe sports “heroes.” Hollywood’s thinking, its levels of undress & morals have permeated America. Pretend people are quoted as authorities and their notions make national news.

God help us to deliver ourselves from the clutches and lies of movies whether TV or big screen.

– eab, June 2017

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Ante-Nicene Quote

“Nor is he angry; for there is nothing to move him to anger, seeing he ever loves God,

and is entirely turned towards Him alone, and therefore hates none of God’s creatures.”

– Clement STROMATA, or Miscellanies

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