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Ante-Nicene Quote

“…Being made sons, we are made perfect,

being made perfect, we are made immortal.”




You can set your “ideas” of what holiness does, so high that you are seeking the humanly impossible. Or, sadly (& perhaps as “badly”) you can lower your ideas of what holiness does until you live in white-washed-carnality. In between, with the precious Holy Spirit’s leadership, is the balance He has for us all. Do not try to outdo God, Friend, and do not fall below His Biblical standard.

– eab, 4/1/17



What Will You Say  Jul.

What will you tell God at the end of life,

When He asks why you rejected His Son?

Why sin, and self, and sports, and strife

Were more pleasing to you than His only One?

– eab, 7/13/10


Think you know your wife/husband? You can be married 25 or 30 yrs and still learning about them. Think you know the Triune God? We’ll probably “spend” eternity still learning about Him. Is that bad? No, it is wonderfully good.

– eab, 2/14/17



“Our job is to teach them (our children)

how to live without us.”

– Kenneth Stetler, 2/11/85


Pro 22. 6

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and

when he is old, he will not depart from it.”


Not all who appear to be hypocrites are true hypocrites. Some are spiritually “feeble minded.” When life’s trail ends – when it rounds its final curve and God makes His final judging decision, He’ll know who was doing the best they could with the light they had and who was fake.

– eab, 2/18/17

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