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Words vs images

God made words. He made words possible for man to both hear and speak. (His “Let there be light” introduced the awesome concept of articulate speech.) He spoke words to man, had man write words for other men, and was/is The Word. Man, by serious contrast, is the maker of pictures. Paintings, drawings, photography, and movies are all man-made, therefore should be scrutinized very, v-e-r-y carefully.

– eab, 12/16/16

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Jude 20

“But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith,

praying in the Holy Ghost”

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“Carnal Christians

are always more fascinated by the showy than by the holy.”

– Richard Taylor, Exploring Christian Holiness

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Lying – probably the #1 sin. It may be that more souls world-wide, lied today than any other sin – like the devil.

– eab, 7/9/17


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It means so little,

When so little meet,

If the Spirit meets them not.

But when two or three

And the Spirit meet,

The meeting means a lot.

– eab, Jul. ’74

[1] Written at my first pastorate, Maryville, TN.

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“You don’t have to live

life that strict!” “Relax, have fun.”

Why do you say these things? Who do you think I’m trying to please: myself or God?

With Whom do you think I want to “spend” eternity? Selfish souls (All in hell will be selfish.)

or with the one Whom, our Lord taught us to call, “Our Father”?

– eab, 12/17/16

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Ante-Nicene Quote

“For what is adultery

but unlawful marriage?”

– Tertullian, On Monogamy

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