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Ante-Nicene Quote

“Rightly, then, to those that have believed and obey, grace will superabound…”


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Single guys –

she may be cute. Is she kind? She may be attractive in face or form. Does she have a pleasing personality? She may come from good “roots” but has she determined that SHE will be all God’s, at any cost? Looks/bodies/hair tend toward decreased attractiveness. Hopefully kindness and a loving personality, as she walks with Christ, will increase. And if/when God grants you children, her love for Jesus and her pleasantness you may see reflected in one or more of them. [Gals, read this opposite for you, please.]

– eab, 7/20/17

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Time Well Spent


Being a dad is far more indeed,

Than the mere contribution of a small seed.

Hours, weeks, & years are needed to train a tree;

Not so, the weed.

– eab, 7/20/13



Don’t spend your life removing dust,

It simply falls again.

Spend it – turning daughters into ladies,

And sons into stalwart men.

– eab, 7/20/13

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(“to be,” this season’s “crop,” or a groom for yrs.) – Want to make your bride happy and your marriage a success in God’s sight? Become/remain a devout follower of Jesus Christ and seek/find a holy heart. Human love can wear thin in the struggles/trials/disagreements of life. God has provided that you, groom, can have a pure heart. She’ll be a happier wife if you not only love her but if you love God MORE. [ Bride, read opposite for you, please.]

– eab, 7/20/17

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“I am optimistic about my world

because I preach an optimistic gospel.”

– Ken Thompson, sermon, 10/6/05

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Mat 9. 13

“And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil:

For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.”

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“Our Father…”

As I tried to pray in the night my mind wanted to wander. I asked the Lord to forgive me for my mouth “mouthing” words but my brain seeking to run “rabbit trails.” After some struggle I started praying the Lord’s Prayer (Mat 6.9ff). “…Our Father…” was rich and comforting. And other parts, as I was able to bring my mind to His example prayer. Thank God for His help – I need His help even when I pray to Him.

– eab, 7/20/17

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