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A Quote From Luther

“I simply taught, preached, wrote, God’s Word; otherwise I did nothing…the Word so greatly weakened the papacy that never…or Emperor did such damage to it. I did nothing, the Word did it all.”

– Christianity Today, 3/17


Stop putting “Holy Bible” on the outside and a copyright on the inside. If it’s God’s Word it needs no copyright. If it’s man’s word admit it, and keep the copyright where you have it.

– eab, 1/8/13




P  Parented by famous parents, the great R. G. and wife,

A And partly raised “on the field,” missions were part of his life.

U Upon an early age Paul Finch was sanctified holy,

L Living then at the Kingswood School back in old Kentucky.


W  Wedding bells, college presidency, teaching on the side,

O On to Ireland, preaching holiness for which Jesus died.

O On to Africa, working his way up the continent,

D Devoting prime years of life, leading folks to commitment.


F Florida called, he answered, teaching young “Hobites” the truth.

I Indiana, Missouri saw a man old, yet “in youth.”

N Nestled in were the revival calls, three to Tennessee.

C Consistent holiness his message, balanced, Spirit free

H Heaven’s called; the prophet’s gone from us. Let’s follow; forsooth.

– eab, July 2003 * 1 of the 10 most influential men in my life.


The enemy of our souls #1. is trying to keep our attention attached to this temporary, tangible world. He does NOT want us to catch a hint about the huge “world” of spirit beings, like himself, below us (using the tangible to tempt us). And, of course, satan does NOT want us to see the much bigger – how confining Hell must be, it is one large jail – freer, realm of spirit Beings above us.

– eab, 9/25/14


The enemy of our souls #2. Both the subterranean (evil) “world” and the Super-terranean (wonderfully good) “world” are, once there, permanent. The devil will use entertainment, recreation (there’s a difference), occupations, patriotism, “good works” and yes, even “church” to tether us to the tangible so we never notice nor enquire into the coming “worlds.”

– eab, 9/25/14


“Charles H Parman and [William] Syemour, the founders of the Tongues Movement in the U.S.,

both accused each other of receiving the gift of tongues from the devil.”




Rom 2. 29a

“But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter…”


What is the last book you read as a family? You don’t read together?!? For Pity! Sharing a chapter (or 2) a night is great way to connect, converse, and continue as a strong family. (Note: this is in addition to some portion of God’s illustrious Book.)

– eab, 9/30/14

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