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Have too many yellow summer squash? Deep fry them. Slice ¼” thick (no thicker), roll in cornmeal (with 2 parts salt to 1 pepper) place in boiling cooking oil. Turn, remove when they have a crispy light brown edge. To me they have a similarity to a potato chip. You can do the rolling in cornmeal, salt/pepper & then freeze to deep fry later. Simply place “bumper to bumper” on cookie sheets. Put wax/freezer paper & make a 2nd/3rd layer. After being over-night in the freezer, bag in qt bags. Enjoy.

– eab, 8/1/17

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Which are U?

Generally speaking great Prayers are not great Players – – – and great Players are not great Prayers. Both playing & praying consume time – the more you’re involved, the more time it takes. “Ye cannot serve God and” sports, “…else he will hold to the one and despise the other…”

– eab, 4/23/17

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Perfect Love

1Jo 4. 18

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear:

because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.”

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“The application of perfect love…is like buying a new tool…

you must learn how to use it.”

– L D Wilcox, Profiles in Wesleyan Theology

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A girl, unless she’s “programmed” otherwise by warped parents, wicked hollywood, or mis-schooling has a God-given desire to be feminine. (“Feminine” is not always one-&-the-same as “lady.”) Even a girl raised with all male-siblings or a dad who encouraged “tom-boyishness” still has a side which wants to walk, stand, or be seated in ways feminine. Thank God for this built-in-bent to be what the Almighty intended.

– eab, 5/5/17

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Thank You Lord, for Thy salvation plan,

The glorious privilege, You have given man

To live above sin.

The privilege of moving forever out,

Of the quicksand traps of fear and doubt,

That man was born in.

– eab, summer  ’76

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I want to be your friend.

Posts you don’t like hold 2 possibilities: 1) eab could be mistaken, 2) You could be mistaken. Years of classroom teaching (21) & pulpit teaching (30+) don’t raise me above immunity. OR your opinions could be 180 degrees off. My posts are meant to wave a flag. Society is plunging toward decay, modern churches are close behind & you are/maybe a part of both. It’s as a friend I write.

Some day you’ll stop seeing my “aggravating” posts – I’ll have died or you’ll have died. Where will you be?

– eab, 8/1/17

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A Quote From Luther

“Truly I am less afraid of the pope and his tyrants than I am of our own in gratitude towards the Word of God: ‘tis this will place the pope in his saddle again.”

Table Talk, p.20

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