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A Quote From Luther

“Heaven and earth, all the emperors Kings and princes of the world could not raise a fit dwelling place for God, yet in a weak human soul that keeps His Word, He willingly resides.”

Table Talk, p.24


Once my peers were lower-grade kids calling across the playground “Adlai Stevenson” or “I like Ike.”

Once my peers were upper-grade chums superficially divided between Elvis Presley or Pat Boone.

Once my peers were high schoolers balancing on/off campus work with classes by Misses Reiss, Wood, etc.

Once my peers were driving 50’s/60’s cars (collectors now) with an occasional Barry Goldwater sticker.

Once my peers were college guys/gals liking or dreading the next class of Bros. Stepp, Stetler, or Wilcox.

Once my peers were new moms/dads learning to prick their own finger rather than the baby with the diaper pin.

Once my peers were fellow teachers in a far-away coastal school shepherded by a great educator, Steve D Herron.

Once my peers were other instructors in other schools helping protect youth from the cultural decaying around them.

Once my peers were watching sons/daughters turn tassels & wing their way away from an emptying nest

Once my peers were pastors of smaller or larger worshiping groups spotting the American/Canadian landscape.

Once my peers were holding their 1st and 2nd grandkids in Polaroid pics enjoying that fleeting moment with them.

Once my peers were sharing conventions & conferences, challenging & being challenged by the commission great.

NOW my peers are retiring men & ladies. Please Friends, use your last days to Pray. Pray before you go away! 7/31/17


Besetting Pride

Christ died to remove all sin,

Those without, carnality within.

High on the list for why He died

Is to remove besetting PRIDE.

– eab, summer  2012


Many decades ago diabolical souls agreed, & with satan’s help, placed “science” on a collision course with Holy Scriptures. “Science” was given new power in “public schools;” teachers & texts glorified “science.” A “scientist says…” replaced “The Bible says.” The Book giving a 6-day “break-down” of Creation Week & referencing observations of the world was relegated for “spiritual use” only. “Christians” quipped, “The Bible is not a science Book.” Is the choice “science” or Scripture? – I’ll take Scripture.

– eab, 8/3/17


“…At Cornelius’ house…the Spirit came so suddenly upon the listeners

that the preacher’s sermon was interrupted.”

– L D Wilcox, Profiles in Wesleyan Theology


Act 15. 18

“Known unto God are all his works from the beginning of the world.”


It’s so nice to know the Lord in the quiet of a fire-fly summer evening. It greater still to know Him when His lightening bolts jolt the ground & His thunder rumbles & booms o’erhead. But the greatest is to know God when the tornadoes of physical/societal change shake our world & trust in Him explicitly amid such storms.

– eab, 8/2/17

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