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Nations come, nations go – – – ALL of them. A half-list of the nations of Europe across all AD and BC dates would be staggering: differing boundaries, customs, years, ethics, etc. People were “loyal” to their tribe/group/state, it crumbled (slowly or in social combustion), and new loyalties bloomed. The western world has enjoyed decades of relative stability & are too comfortable with status quo. Let our loyalty to any state be subject to a higher Loyalty – Christ’s coming Kingdom, i.e. Daniel’s (2.44) Final Kingdom.

– eab, 8/6/2017

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Perfect Love

1Jo 4. 18

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment.

He that feareth is not made perfect in love.”

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J A Wood quote

“We have records of professions of perfect love in all the journals of the old Methodists…

the golden pot of Methodist biography is brimful of the manna of sanctified experience.”

– J A Wood, from his PERRFECT LOVE

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Some people (controllers) do not like thinkers. They tend to see them as “stinkers.” God, who is the ultimate Controller (very secure in His Sovereignty), wants you to think. He knows that thinking souls eventually find their way to absolutes and if they pursue these, they’ll find Him. Do not have close fellowship with human “controllers” – Seek/find complete fellowship with The Controller Himself.

– eab, 8/6/17

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I am a pen the Lord can grip

And write as He would will.

His is the ink that flows through me,

His the message: strong or still.

When writing’s done the pen is gone,

The quill’s not remembered.

The ink remains across the days,

Readily read, unhindered.

May no pen: larger or smaller

Take pride in what it has “written.”

May no quill: shorter or taller

Think IT the heart has smitten.

After the pen is packed away,

What remains is the bold ink.

Long after the pen’s “had its small day,”

The ink’s what makes readers think

– eab, August  ‘07

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Since Adam, children have been born to families.

(Some sadly, are born to unwed mothers but those aren’t God’s will, except the Grand Exception, Jesus). After the age of accountability, men/women are born into the family of God and there have most wonderful relationships; Almighty God as Father, the Son of God as the Elder Brother, and the Holy Spirit as Comforter. Human siblings die and are buried. (Spiritual sibs can die i.e. backslide, but need not to.) All Spiritual brothers/sisters who stay true, will “spend” eternity together. Families are nice – to – nicer.

God’s great Family is the Nicest!


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A Quote From Luther

“The Bible is the book that makes fools of the wise of this world;

it is understood only of plain and simple hearted.”

Table Talk, p.26

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