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Home Schooling

Schooling #1 Christian Schools. My parents took me (I fully agreed) to a Christian high school 60 yrs ago this fall.  It was one of only 2-3 of which we had knowledge.  50 yrs ago I started teaching in a Christian college which had/has a high school. My first yrs of teaching I became aware of the Christian School Movement & later served as V.P., then President (following the great Steve Herron) of Wesleyan Education Association of America (WEAA). As yrs passed some Christian schools closed. As a “school man” (21 yrs teaching/administration plus WEAA) I’ve been saddened by the closings. But hopefully they served their time & clientele well. – eab, 8/7/17


Schooling #2 Home-Schooling.  This important movement has replaced some Christian schools and functions where no Christian school ever has.  All four of our daughters (2 by birth, 2 by marriage) have been involved, some more – some less, in Home Schooling. It is a lot of work. If you do (have done) it you know that. CONGRATULATIONS!  Congratulations on your vision and spunk. If a daughter, daughter-n-l, other relative or friend does this, please pray for them, respect their busy schedules, help them with field trips (very important & other special projects), slip them an extra $5 or $10 when handy, and tip your hat to their labor of love. –eab, 8/7/17


Schooling #3 Home-Schooling (con’t)  Perhaps a reader considering Home Schooling is scared. Let me assure you, the best Christian school (there are good ones!) has no one who loves your child more than you do (assuming normal parental love). “But I only have x amount of education.” Start your child off while he/she is young. You already know much of that level.  You be willing to learn & let your mind grow with them. Some of what you learned in school will come back & aid you. “But I was only a ‘B’ student.” Good. That’s better than you having been a wiz kid & therefore unable to relate to your child if/as they struggle in an area. -eab, 8/7/17


Schooling #4 Home-Schooling (con’t)  Don’t ignore basic “reading, writing, & arithmetic.”  Having said that, involve you child in many daily home tasks. “That’ll take my time.”  Right. You are investing in the most important beings of the next generation. Let them help you made a cake (box-mix, better yet 1 from scratch). They’ll learn about fractions &/or measurements far better than a book. Let them help plant the garden in the spring & put up veggies now. Everyday learning around the home/farm is ideal learning. America is better, your worship group is better for the parent/child relationships you build via Home Schooling! Blessings. – eab, 8/7/17

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