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A Quote From Luther

“God, in this world, has scarce the tenth part of the people;

the smallest number only will be saved.”

Table Talk, p.41

Being too much unlike the world makes you and “the Mrs” uncomfortable. Has for years. Does it matter that you pastor the largest church “of your stripe” for miles around? Does it matter that you sit on boards (ecclesiastical/secular)? Does it matter that the society ladies admire your wife’s manicured apearance? Someday you’ll die. The standing you (& wife) had with this world WILL NOT MATTER. The failure to have an up-to-date relationship with Heaven will make a-l-l the difference then.

– eab, 8/8/17

God in Every Circumstance

There is God in every circumstance,

There is God in every trial,

There is God in every fast advance,

And He’s there in each slow mile.

You can count on God and count correctly,

Not too much will He have you do.

You can count on Him (said respectfully)

The question is – can He count on you?

– eab, 8/9/10

An eclipse is coming. Another happened 18 yrs, 11 days & 8 hours (1,8 then 1,1 then 8 – got that?) before this one. Another one happened that long before that. Edmond Halley, 1691, named them Saros Cycles they’ve been known eversince some chaps called Chaldeans ruled the known world. (Therefore don’t think NASA has “a handle” on this.) Eclipses are not to be feared by God’s children (if you’re not redeemed heavenly phenomena should remind God’s in charge, TOTALLY). Saros C. can be used for sun or moon.

– eab, 8/7/17


“God has no favorites.”

– L D Wilcox, sermon (uncertain date/location)

Act 10. 34

“…Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:”

 Some men “make a name” standing against wrong. More men, it seems, “make a name for themselves” standing against right. Ultimately all of us go down in God’s Record Book as standing for one or the other. Oh, friend, CHOOSE right.

– eab, 8/6/17

While my wife did other preparations I pared tomatoes: out with bad spots, out with the worst green of the centers, & cutting into ¼s or thereabouts. She took the 6 quart (Life-Time, stainless steel cookware give us by dad, Clyde D Bryan) & brought it near a boil while I continued preparing more in a 4 quart (again from dad). At the right time she added salt & was able to fill 7 quarts of tomato juice, then heated to preserve. Later we heard satisfying “pings” as they sealed. One of life’s simple but nice pleasures.

– eab, 8/9/17

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