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Good Camp

Just enjoyed the ministry of the Word, fellowship, and food of Camargo Camp (near Loveland, OH) Friday PM – Lord’s Day PM. Ministers Joe Smith (Shelbyville, IN) and Archie Atwell (Dixonville, MO) were used of God. God also helped the singers, youth worker, children’s workers, cooks, and the platform chairman, Carl Eisenhart. If you are looking for a spiritual camp next summer come to this one.

– eab, 8/15/17

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Why do some other-wise-intelligent people swerve toward (too many crash on) the sidetrack of Jewishness? As the ancient Jews were in the process of killing Jesus Christ, God ripped open their temple’s most illusive place. Christ opened the door – we can all now enjoy the “priesthood of believers.” Judaism is outdated. It is history. Christianity (I speak of the Biblical one) is the “now” (though currently unpopular) and Christianity owns the whole unlimited future. Please stop admiring the rituals of the of the Jewish past.

– eab, 7/25/17

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Eph 4. 13

Eph 4. 13

“Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:”

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J A Wood quote

“Many people have lost the witness of the Spirit

by not pressing after a greater fullness.”

– J A Wood, from his Perfect Love

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Seek not vs Seek

Do not seek the hatred of any individual but do not seek their honors either. In the long range, man’s honor does little good and in fact, may hinder preparations for heaven. When it comes time to die, the honors of man sound good to others. But to you, the deceased – if you dropped below (& you know about them) they may anger you OR if you’re carried up (& you know about them) they’ll sound extremely childish. Seek – instead of honors – Seek the Face of Jesus.

– eab, 7/27/17

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Something seems attractive about ole gold,

It is dug, it is worked, it’s panned, it’s sold.

Many folks wear it, all over the place;

On their fingers, middle toe, on their face.

But don’t let gold capture your heart or hand,

Be “born-a-new” ‘cause in heaven’s true land,

Gold’s so low you’ll walk on it, on high.

Let values be judged by that “bye-n-bye.”


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“All good things must come to an end,” is true in this fallen world – But is not be true for God’s saints.

– eab, 8/4/17

“Everything that goes up must come down,” is true in this fallen world – But is not be true for God’s saints.

– eab, 8/4/17

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A Quote From Luther

“…All people that seek and labor to come God thruough any other means than only through Christ (as Jews, Turks, Papists, false saints, heretics, etc) walk in horrible darkness and error…”

Table Talk, p.43

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